Year published :May 2024

Pages :152 pp.

Size :14 x 21 cm.

ISBN: 9786162152092

Pilgrim: A Chiang Mai Love Story

by David Stewart

Daniel knows that something needs to change. As he reconciles a dark past that continues to haunt him, he knows he has to do all he can to avoid returning to it. With this in mind, he finds himself in Northern Thailand. However, as someone brought to their spiritual knees, the esoteric starts to find him. Each character that unveils themselves to him seems more mysterious than the last. Are they all just a reflection of his inner demons? The story follows Daniel’s journey, which takes him deep into the realm of the mystical and mysterious.

This is the gripping first book in the ‘Bike Ride to Ban Talat’ Trilogy. Told in an intriguing setting, the door is flung open for the reader to enter into the most intimate moments of a divinely human man. Every reader can connect with someone like Daniel, as he depicts all that is fragile and vulnerable in the human spirit. The beauty in his story lies in how close the reader is brought to him by gaining privileged access to his conflicted heart and struggling mind.

What others are saying

‘Perceptive, raw and poetic, Pilgrim follows a man full of questions as he seeks to answer them. A love letter to Chaing Mai, we are led through stunning terrain, as the complicated, deeply flawed yet ultimately redeemable Daniel finds himself. Hopeful and pensive, Pilgrim is an insight into the male psyche.’—Jessie Stephens, author of Heartsick.

‘What a FABULOUS book!!’—Rick Grossman of the Hoodoo Gurus

‘David is a poet. A recovery Kerouac.’—Adam Sinclair

‘David’s lived experience provides enormous empathy and understanding to create a hard-to-put-down book!’—Kathryn Greiner AO

‘What an incredible spiritual journey Pilgrim takes you on, it really gives you a new perspective on the now… Allow yourself to get lost in the story and reflect on your own life.’—Matt Moran

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