Year published :January 2020

Pages :250 pp., full color, paperback

Size :15 x 23 cm.

Color photograph :105

Black & White photograph :15

Maps :6 maps, 3 figures

ISBN: 9786162151569

Protecting Asia’s Heritage: Yesterday and Tomorrow

by The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage

Asia’s splendid heritage is at risk—from rapid economic growth, government neglect, and poorly managed tourism. But some people have become deeply, passionately, and actively involved in protecting Asia’s heritage—as activists, organizers, critics, teachers, artists, and entrepreneurs. In this book, twelve principal authors, all Asians, from eleven of the region’s countries, present their experience of what has been done in the past, and their ideas on what should be done in the future. 

The Western experience with managing heritage needs now to be extended with concepts and practices relevant to Asia. The legal framework for protecting heritage must be brought up to date. Intangible heritage deserve more attention. Citizens and local communities are often the best guardians of their own heritage. Organizations and campaigns that draw on both public and private resources can be very effective. The heritage and environmental movements can gain from cooperation. Protecting heritage can be good for business, but it requires discipline and vision. 

This book records the start of a conversation which promises to transform the protection of Asia’s heritage tomorrow. 


  1. Introduction—James Stent 
  2. Heritage is the Living Present of the Past—Piriya Krairiksh 
  3. Integrating Local and International Perspectives into Legal Frameworks—Sujeong Lee 
  4. Thailand’s Conservation Laws and Evolving Heritage Values—Yongtanit Pimonsathean 
  5. Taking Ownership and Taking a Stand—Khoo Salma Nasution 
  6. People as the Last Defense in the Protection of Heritage—Catrini Pratihari Kubontubuh 
  7. Public Participation in Chinese Heritage Preservation—Matthew Hu 
  8. Nurturing Cultural Entrepreneurship for Intangible Heritage Protection—Jean- Baptiste Phou, Frances Rudgard, Kai T. Brennert 
  9. Participation in Conservation—Gour Mohan Kapur 
  10. Preserving Cultural Heritage as a Private Enterprise—Veomanee Douangdala and Joanna Smith 
  11. Ah-Mwe, Inheritance, Heritage—Yin Myo Su 
  12. Preserving Cultural Heritage through Entrepreneurship—J. Sedfrey S. Santiago 
  13. Protecting Traditional Industrial Heritage in China—Weimin Que and Min Xu 

About The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage 

The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage was established in 1904 with a mission to promote knowledge of the culture, history, arts and natural sciences of Thailand as well as those of neighbouring countries. The Society’s activities are guided by its motto: “Knowledge Gives Rise to Friendship” and it welcomes visitors of all nationalities, including non-members, to visit its facilities and join its activities. 

The Siam Society presents lectures by local and international experts in English and Thai; organises study trips to historical, cultural and nature sites around Thailand and overseas; holds exhibitions of books, arts and artefacts; hosts international conferences; is involved in cultural preservation; stages cultural and musical performances; publishes the Journal of the Siam Society, Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society and scholarly books; owns and operates a library with an outstanding collection of rare books and palm-leaf manuscripts; and has an ethnological museum in a magnificent old teak house situated on its grounds. 

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