ISBN: 9788791114663

Digital Atlas of Indonesian History


Robert Cribb

2010, 80 pp. (user guide), 487 maps on DVD in 5 formats
For sale in Thailand and Laos only

This interactive, electronic work is the follow‐up to the author’s landmark Historical Atlas of Indonesia that so many have been looking for in the past decade. The Digital Atlas builds on its predecessor by adding many more maps and extra text, packaging these for teaching and individual use, and delivering them on DVD and online together with much additional material. Based on traditional research and scholarship, its nearly five hundred specially drawn full‐color maps are augmented with a detailed companion text. The result is an astounding, pioneering work that brings fresh life to the fascinating and tangled history of Indonesia’s immense archipelago.

What others are saying

“Robert Cribb has done the Indonesian studies community a great service with the publication of his new book... This is a deeply complex portrait of Indonesia in its many forms.” — Eric Tagliacozzo, Indonesia

“A monumental work, representing a great deal of literary research and cartographic effort” — Lesley Potter, Moussons

“Clearly above all former attempts of a similar nature with regard to Indonesia or Southeast Asia in general” — Bernhard Dahm, Asian Studies Review


  • Updated electronic version of Robert Cribb’s landmark Historical Atlas of Indonesia
  • Almost 500 maps suitable for use in classroom teaching (e.g. with PowerPoint) plus high‐resolution files suitable for royalty‐free reproduction by scholars in their own publications
  • Fully interactive system combining maps and text on DVD and online
  • Contains much additional material (including free map templates, scans from the 10th edition of W. van Gelder’s Schoolatlas van Nederlandsch Oost Indië, and stable internet links to historical maps of Indonesia that are available online)

About the Author

Robert Cribb is Professor of Indonesian History at the College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University. His research interests focus mainly on Indonesia, though he has worked on other parts of Southeast Asia (especially Malaysia and Burma/Myanmar) and inner Asia. The themes of his research are mass violence and crime; national identity; environmental politics; and historical geography.


    Indonesia | history | cartography

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