Year published :2005

Pages :256 pp.

Size :14x21.5 cm.

Rights :Southeast Asia

ISBN: 9789749575833

In the Shadow of Angkor: Contemporary writing from Cambodia

by Frank Stewart and Sharon May

In the Shadow of Angkor marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the defeat of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and celebrates the rise of writers and artists who are restoring their country's cultural and spiritual heritage, historical truth, literacy, and art of international importance.

Before the Khmer Rouge era, Cambodia had a rich literary heritage and outstanding modern novelists. In the Shadow of Angkor presents a sample of these writers along with the poetry of U Sam Oeur, the work of filmmaker Rithy Panh, the rap lyrics of praCh, new stories, interview, and memoirs.

In the Shadow of Angkor reveals the vibrant written cultural that flourishes in Cambodia today. The authors collected here display the spirited resilience with which Cambodians so often face the world, using the rich resources of their ancient, expressive language.—David Chandler

In the Shadow of Angkor does a commendable service to Cambodia’s people, reminding the world of the strength of character that has enabled Cambodians to courageously bear witness to intolerable suffering—and now, aided by the renewal of the arts and literature, to begin a nationwide healing. Genocide is not the problem of the people to whom it happened; it is everyone’s problem. This wonderfully inspiring book will increase the reader’s awareness of the responsibility we all have in ending such recurring tragedies.—Dith Pran

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