ISBN: 9789799802903

Indonesia's Post-Soeharto Democracy Movement


Editor: Prasetyo, Stanley Adi; Priyono, A. E.; Tornquist, Olle

752pp. June 2005

Despite being a major player in the ending of Soeharto’s New Order regime in 1998, today the Indonesian pro-democracy movement is a marginal force in Indonesian politics and the process of reformasi is in the hands of other (elite) forces. Accordingly, there are some who now question if the quest to establish what would have been the world’s third-largest democracy is now a lost cause. This book represents a unique joint effort by concerned scholars and reflective activists to review and analyze the character, problems, and options facing the Indonesian pro-democracy movement. It is the first study to analyze why the pro-democracy movement failed to capitalize on its earlier successes and today is marginalised.

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