ISBN: 9788776940102

Land and Longhouse: Agrarian Transformation in the Uplands of Sarawak


R. A. Cramb

2007, 448 pp, 15x23 cm

  • Traces the role of community, market and state in the agrarian transformation of a major upland society in Southeast Asia.
  • Uniquely combines in-depth, generation-long village studies with historical and institutional analysis spanning a century and a half.
  • A significant new contribution to debates about economic, social and environmental change and conflict in upland Southeast Asia.
  • A fascinating, empirically rich account of interest to scholars, development practitioners, and the general reader.

This book examines the process of agrarian transformation in the uplands of Southeast Asia through a study of the Saribas Iban of Sarawak. Combining in-depth village studies with historical and comparative analysis, the book demonstrates that the Iban have been active agents in their own transformation, engaging with both market and state while retaining community values and governance.

“This study is certain to become a major reference point for future work on land use, tenure, and agrarian change in Upland Southeast Asia” —Clifford Sather.

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