Year published :1999

Pages :108 pp.

Size :13x19.7 cm.

Rights :Thailand

ISBN: 9789747100747

Path to Peace Within, The: A Guide to Insight Meditation

by Helen Jandamit

More and more people in our age are searching for ways to alleviate stress and maintain serenity within the harried pace of modern life. Slowing down and becoming aware of each physical movement, each portion of each movement, each breath, can bring about a peace within.

Here is the path—Vipassana meditation, or insight meditation in the tradition of the Buddha. What is it? Why do it? And how does one practice it? Contained here in this slim volume are a clear set of answers. Practical instructions for Vipassana meditation are presented within the framework of fundamental Buddhist principles. The process of meditation is described in careful and detailed steps that aim to develop awareness and awaken the power of con­centration. The reader is guided through a progression of walking, sitting and lying down exercises, with an explanation of the pitfalls that should be avoided and the benefits that can be expected: clear­mindedness, calmness, improved health, and better concentration.

About the Author

Helen Jandamit, one of the founders of the International Buddhist Meditation Center in Bangkok and director of the House of Dhamma, has been teaching Vipassana meditation for over twenty years.

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