Year published :2005

Pages :163 pp

Size :15x23 cm

Rights :World, except Myanmar

ISBN: 9789749575680

132 color illustrations, 5 maps, tables, indexes, glossary

Myanmar supports one of the richest and most diverse bird communities in mainland Southeast Asia. This descriptive field guide to the birds of Myanmar will appeal to both novices and seasoned birdwatchers. The listing include full-color illustrations of each bird, along with standard information necessary for accurate identification, such as family characteristics, approximate length, habitat, behavior, voice, breeding season, protected status, and any other distinctive features. Birds are identified by both common English names and scientific names. A handy checklist precedes the index.

About the Authors

U Kyaw Nyunt Lwin, a veterinary surgeon by profession, started studying birds when he first joined Yangon Zoological Gardens in 1974. His dual role as the Director of Yangon Zoological Gardens until 1998 and as the Project Director of the UNDP-funded Nature Conservation and National Parks Project from 1980 to 1985, had transformed him into a "zoo-cum-wildlife man", and led him to write articles and books on wildlife. His works, Mammals of Myanmar and Wild Cats were published by Sarpay Beikhman, the official government publishing house in 1984. He was also a member of the drafting committee of the Protection of Wildlife and Wild Plants and Conservation of Natural Areas Law of 1994.

Daw Khin Ma Ma Thwin was educated at the Yangon University in nature sciences. She started her career as an Environmental Education Officer. She worked dedicatedly for the Division of Nature and Wildlife Conservation (NWCD) of the Forest Department, Ministry of Forestry for 18 years. During that time she conducted several special projects, including the Chatthin Community Education Project focused on the endemic Eld’s Deer. As Myanmar representative she actively headed the data collection for the Threatened Birds of Asia. The Birdlife International Red Data Book. She also participated in the Waterfowl Census for Asian Wetland Bureau (now Wetlands International) for more than ten years. She was an instructor of Basic Wildlife Conservation Training for NWCD staff such as bird identification, and specimen preparation. She developed the environmental education program and also collected the bird specimens for Biodiversity Museum at Hlawga Wildlife Park where she served as curator.

She actively worked on the Baseline Study of Moyungyi Wetland Bird Sanctuary Project in 1998–1999 and an Inventory Project in early 2001 and late 2001 in collaboration with the Wild Bird Society of Japan.

U Aung Thant graduated from the State School of Fine Art, Yangon, where he studied from 1990 to 1994, U Aung Thant worked under such eminent artists as Baggyi (master) Aung Soe, U Ba Lone Lay and U Sonny Nyein. He later pursued a freelance career as an artist, and worked for Sarpay Beikhman and other leading publishers. He spent nearly six months studying birds with U Kyaw Nyunt Lwin in various parts of the country before illustrating for this book.

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