ISBN: 9788791114328

I Will Send My Song: Kammu Vocal Genres in the Singing of Kam Raw


By Håkan Lundström

2010, 216 pp., Illustrated, with audio CD, 15x23 cm.

An ethnomusical presentation of one person’s vocal performance of rather highly varied sets of words, manners of performance, and the use of these competences in communication with other singers. Although this orally transmitted form of singing is unique to the Kammu of northern Laos, it is related to a much larger complex in Southeast Asia and thus will be of interest to a wide group of musicologists.

Håkan Lundström is Dean of the Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University. His research specialization is in ethnomusicology and he has written about song, music and music terminology among the Kammu.

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