Year published :2002

Pages :136 pp.

Size :14.5x21.5 cm.

ISBN: 9789747551723

Siam in Mind

by David K. Wyatt

This slim volume takes the reader on a fascinating stroll through Thailand's "intellectual history"—the thought of the people of Siam and the product of their thought, through history. It is a series of informal sketches, gleaned over years of historical research and stored away for rumination and reflection by one of the foremost historians of Thailand. Professor David Wyatt muses about these pieces of history, revealing some of the creative thinking that has been going on in the minds of ordinary and nameless people as well as great and well-known thinkers in Siam for the past thirteen hundred years. A variety of new thought—political, religious, and artistic—has arisen in all sorts of contexts: warfare, trade, administration, and farming, to name a few. Collected here is a valuable historical sampling of these new ideas from the many different regions of what we think of today as Thailand.

DAVID K. WYATT is the John Stambaugh Professor of History at Cornell University.

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