Year published :1999

Pages :412 pp.

Size :15x23 cm.

Rights :Southeast Asia

ISBN: 9789747047073

Tragedy of Cambodian History, The: Politics, War, and Revolution since 1945

by David P. Chandler

412 pp, 15x23 cm.

In this penetrating and poignant book, David P. Chandler presents the first full account of Cambodian history from World War II up to 1979, focusing on the civil war period and the devastating revolutionary excesses of the Pol Pot regime. Drawing on his experience as a foreign service officer in Phnom Penh, on interviews, and on archival material, Chandler considers why the revolution happened and how it was related to Cambodia’s earlier history and to other events in Southeast Asia.

What Others Are Saying

“A masterly work of scholarship that combines judicious assessment with meticulous attention to sources and detail. The volume is distinguished by a scrupulous detachment despite the evident compassion the author feels for the country.”—Michael Leifer, Journal of Asian Studies

“A fine book . . . Chandler has compiled the rich research done by others and added to it his own interviews and research, particularly in the archives of the French government . . . Instructive.”—Simon Scott Plummer, Sunday Telegraph

“A considered, detailed history of one of the bloodiest and most tragic attempts at social engineering in the twentieth century. Chandler’s book will remain the definitive treatment of Cambodia since World War II.”—Donald S. Zagoria, Foreign Affairs

“A marvelous read. Chandler has combined his scholarship with his flair for writing to bring the history of that tragic country alive. It is not only the best book on the subject but it should also serve as a model for all historians.”—Nayan Chanda, author of Brother Enemy: The War After the War

About the Author

David P. Chandler is associate professor of history and research director at the Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


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