Silkworm Books in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is seeking an in-house English-language editor and proofreader for a full-time position beginning by May 1, 2019. This editorial position requires careful reading, revising, and correcting of manuscripts according to the Chicago Manual of Style in addition to a variety of other editorial tasks, with a minimum time commitment of one year. A visa and work permit will be provided. The salary will be in keeping with Thai rates for foreign employees and will take into consideration previous editing experience. The term of employment may be extended, upon mutual agreement.

Potential candidates should be native English speakers and very experienced in editing both on computer and on paper. Some familiarity with Southeast Asian languages and cultures is highly advisable. Working at home is not an option.

Applicants should submit the following by February 25, 2019, to editor@silkwormbooks.com:

  1. A resumé specifying nationality, educational background, and past employment experience.
  2. A cover letter detailing all previous copyediting and proofreading experience and any other experience that seems relevant. Please explain why you wish to apply for the position.

Editing and proofreading ability will be assessed in the second phase of the application process.