Year published :July 2013

Pages :168 pp.

Size :14x21 cm.

Color illustrations :74

Black & White illustrations :35

ISBN: 9786162150562

Thawan Duchanee: Modern Buddhist Artist

by Russell Marcus

Thai national artist Thawan Duchanee has spent his life creating art that deeply reflects Buddhist philosophy. He is internationally renowned, and his art is masterful both for its intricacy and for its subtle portrayal of Buddhism.

Thawan expresses Buddhist wisdom with incredible versatility. His artworks depict the dangers of doubt, lust, fear, and lack of concentration, expose humankind’s pursuit of pleasure and escape from pain, and illustrate virtues exemplified in the previous lives of the Buddha. Using over one hundred images, the book succinctly examines these themes, often hidden deep within the art itself, and guides the reader through some of Thawan’s most interesting works.

This is the first book to combine a focus on these works with an exploration of Thawan’s outstanding architectural and decorative achievements in Chiang Rai and Germany.

Often told in his own words, this book offers insights into Thawan’s creative genius, explores his philosophy on the arts, examines his famous signature, and recounts his life story. It is fascinating reading for all those interested in Thai art and Buddhism.

What others are saying

“Larger-than-life Thai artist Thawan Duchanee is one of the foremost representatives of Thai and Asian art. His penchant for traditional Asian motifs and styles and his flamboyant personality have earned him popularity and renown as one of the leading lights of the international art scene.”—The Nation


  • The first book to examine Buddhist content in Thawan’s artworks
  • Features over one hundred illustrations
  • Explores Buddhist philosophy in relation to Thai modern art
  • Includes a biography of Thawan’s life
  • Compact overview of Thawan’s most well-loved and interesting work


  • Review by Sirinya (May, 2015)


Buddhism | art | philosophy | architecture | Thailand

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