ISBN: 9788791114779

Getting Published: A Companion for the Humanities and Social Sciences


Gerald Jackson and Marie Lenstrup

2009. 296 pp.

An imperative element of the academic process is publishing research findings. Yet this is becoming increasingly difficult for authors to achieve as publishers are presented with growing numbers of manuscripts, decreasing library sales, and stronger demands on profitability. This book aims to maximise would-be authors’ chances of success in the race to get published. The key concerns are to increase authors’ knowledge and understanding of how the academic publishing industry works; to show authors how they can integrate this understanding into every stage of their work on a publication project; and through this to give them control over the fate of their work. The book also discusses the current state and challenges of academic publishing and indicates where new technology is taking the industry.

About the Authors

Gerald Jackson has guided hundreds of authors through to publication as editor in chief of NIAS Press, Denmark, and is committed to keeping the Press at the forefront of technological developments. Marie Lenstrup has worked in academic book marketing for many years and now runs ASBS, Netherlands, a consultancy and marketing agency for academic publishers.

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