Year published :June 2011

Pages :155 (xv+140) pp

Size :14x21 cm.

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ISBN: 9786162150128

Feminism is Queer: The Intimate Connection between Queer and Feminist Theory

by Mimi Marinucci

Feminism is Queer is an introduction to the intimately related disciplines of gender and queer theory. Guiding the reader through complex theory, Mimi Marinucci develops the original position of queer feminism, which presents queer theory as continuous with feminist theory. While there have been significant conceptual tensions between second‐wave feminism and traditional lesbian and gay studies, queer theory offers a paradigm for understanding gender, sex, and sexuality that develops solidarity between those interested in feminist theory and those pursuing lesbian and gay rights.

An essential guide to anyone with an interest in gender and sexuality, this accessible and comprehensive textbook carefully explains nuanced theoretical terminology and provides extensive suggested further reading to enable a full and thorough understanding of both disciplines.

What others are saying

“In this slim volume, Mimi Marinucci handily synthesizes new and classic theories regarding cultural and scientific definitions of sex, gender, and sexuality in a comprehensive text that is both lucid and erudite. This book will surely become required reading in many courses in women’s and gender studies and in sexuality studies. It will be an excellent supplement to any reading list.”—Elizabeth Arveda Kissling, Eastern Washington University

“This brief yet comprehensive book is perfect for anyone who is interested in the origins and meanings of the concept of ‘queer.’ Marinucci’s impressive interdisciplinary depth and breadth combine with a readily accessible writing style to make Feminism is Queer a lucid and intelligent treatment of an essentially complex and controversial concept.”—Nancy Slonneger Hancock, Northern Kentucky University

“In wonderfully accessible and penetrating analyses, Marinucci makes the case that feminist and queer theory are inseparable allies — or should be. With its comprehensive appendix and carefully organized chapters, Feminism is Queer is an ideal text for teaching about gender, sexuality, and the practice of theorizing. My students are going to love this book! ”— Marjorie Jolles, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Roosevelt University


  • Offers a critical examination of concepts and theories at the intersection of gender, sex, and sexuality
  • Situates homosexuality in historical, cross-cultural, social, linguistic, and medical contexts
  • Written in a clear and accessible style meant to serve as an interdisciplinary text for gender studies courses as well as independent scholarship
  • Includes recommended reading lists in addition to reference lists

About the Author

Mimi Marinucci completed a PhD in philosophy and a graduate certificate in women’s studies from Temple University in 2000. Currently serving as associate professor of philosophy and women’s and gender studies at Eastern Washington University, Marinucci teaches courses on feminism, philosophy, and feminist philosophy. Marinucci, who is especially interested in the subjective and social aspects of knowledge production, particularly knowledge produced around issues of gender and sexuality, is the author of several articles that employ references from popular culture in the service of a more scholarly agenda. Examples include “There's Something Queer About The Onion” (forthcoming in The Onion and Philosophy, edited by Sharon Kaye), “What's Wrong with Porn?” (in Porn — Philosophy for Everyone: How to Think with Kink, edited by Dave Monroe), “Television, Generation X, and Third Wave Feminism: A Contextual Analysis of a Brady Bunch” (Journal of Popular Culture, Volume 38, Number 3, February 2005), and “Feminism and the Ethics of Violence: Why Buffy Kicks Ass” (in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale, edited by James B. South). Marinucci is also the founding editor of Wave 2.5: A Feminist Zine, a two-time Utne Independent Press Award nominee (2005, 2009).

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